Food Hubs in University Belt

Are you craving for something but too lazy to go too far? We got you! Here’s the list of food hubs that you can explore within the university belt!



Unlimited Foods Around University Belt

by: John Raimund F. Necesia


We Filipinos like to eat, as it always satisfy our needs and wants at the same time. Foods can also be stress relievers to us, that’s why we really enjoy food packages or combos such as Unli-Foods.

Mang Inasal

This is a nationwide renowned fastfood chain that offers meals with Rice-All-You-Can. Including in their menus are Chicken, Pork Barbecue, Fish, and Pork Sisig. Mang Inasal has many branches around the University Belt. You can find it around España, Morayta, along Nicanor Reyes St. and also in Claro M. Recto Avenue. You can save Money with this, if you’re a RICE lover.


Budget: ₱ 100 – ₱150

Jacko’s Burger Bar

You can order a regular one, which consists of 8 pieces of wings and a rice for only ₱ 70 – ₱ 90. In their chicken wings, they offer different flavors such as Buffalo, Korean Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Barbecue, Honey Mustard, Adobo Classic, Kare-Kare Wings and Honey Oysters. But this restaurant offers UNLI WINGS, UNLI RICE at the same time. Jacko’s offers also UNLIMITED BURGER AND FRIES for only 210 Php from Mondays to Sundays! But here’s the catch, you cannot leave without finishing your food, you cannot take out your order and most importantly, no sharing of foods to anyone. But this restaurant can assure you the satisfaction for your cravings with just a few baskets of wings or trays of burgers and fries. Perhaps, you can go home and take your next meal the day after.


Budget: ₱ 70 – ₱ 210


If you’re a meat lover, Samgyupsal is perfect for you. Samgyupsalamat is a Filipino diner that is inspired from Korean culture way of eating, where you cook the meat right in front of you and when it is ready, you can put it inside your belly. They offer different styles of Beef and Pork Belly menu but basically they offer 9 different kinds of Meat. This restaurant is expensive, but not for people who like to eat Unlimited Meat, as you can call for another serving of meat when the tray is empty. Their side dishes are also unlimited, so it is not a bad offer to your wallet and to your craving stomach.





Budget: ₱ 250 – ₱ 300



Filipino Street Foods Around University Belt

by: Justine Bryan Fernandez


In this section, I’m going to share to you the Filipino street food guide around the University Belt wherein you will find 5 delicious street foods around Manila.

Get ready to dive into delicious and adventurous Filipino’s finest street food cuisine that can satisfy your appetite.


We are going to start this guide that I think it reigns the afternoon streets around University Belt. The fried isaw and calamares, which refers to the intestine of a pig and the sliced fried squid.

Starting in the middle of the afternoon, you will see in different corners or streets around the university belt the mob by the crowd of people gathering around the vendors’ stand.

One of the best things about eating fried isaw and fried calamares is the seasoning with vinegar with onions. Most people soak their isaw and calamares to a chili onion vinegar sauce. It is just a satisfying feeling when you eat fried isaw and calamares.

Price : 5 – 10 Php

Located near FEU Manila Photo Credits to: Justine Fernandez

Carioca and Banana Cue 

Two of the best desserts that can finish off your meal. Carioca is a sweet chewy ball shaped dessert filled with cheese inside while the banana cue is a fried sugar-coated banana(saba) .

Mostly you can find these foods along the old Hepa Lane street in Morayta and in front of FEU Manila. They usually start selling these desserts in the morning. I personally taste these snacks and these were too good to eat!.

Price: 10 – 20 Php

A healthy alternative for junk foods! hmmm so yummy!
You can choose between Turon, Carioca and Banana Cue
They cooked and served it right in front of you

Japanese Cake

Another sweet dessert around university belt is the Japanese cake. This kind of cake is in cute size. They use a pancake mixed and stuffed it with oreo cookies, nutella, kitkat bar, or cheese.

You can find this snack in front of FEU Manila or along the street of Padre Noval. They are also cooking and selling it in the middle of the morning. My favorite here is the Japanese cake stuffed with oreo cookie because it is like a taste of fried oreo cookie and also the bonggang cheese.

Price: 10 – 20 Php (per piece)

You can ensure the taste of their food because they used fine ingredients
You can choose between Oreo, Nutella, Cheese, Flat Tops, Mallows and Dairy Milk flavor.


It is not just like the other street foods that you will encounter in streets. It’s the most famous pandog sandwich. It is cheaper than any other hotdog sandwich that you will see in the market. It is not just the sandwich that they sold but also the quarter pounder burger, potato fries and wedges, hotdog w/ rice and burger steak w/ rice.

Pandog is recommended to those who are saving money yet wants to eat and filled his/her appetite. Pandog is located beside the FEU TECH Building. Usually, it opens at 9 am in the morning and closes at 7pm in the evening

Prices : 20 php – 50 php

Here at FEU Tech we have a saying, “Ang iTams na nagigipit sa pandog kumakapit.” If you have a tight budget but still wants to feel full, this food is right for you.
They are famous because of their Pandog (Pandesal and Hotdog) that only cost 20 pesos. Still cheap right?


Last but not the least is the food that will give you a different Middle East flavour that is sold on street on a cheaper price. It is the delicious and famous shawarma of Morayta. Just like other shawarma stores, it also uses beef as meat and onion pickles and serve on pita or with rice ( but I recommend w/ rice).

The sauce of shawarma makes it more delicious and flavourful. It is a bit cheaper than any other shawarma. If you want  a cheap one but can satisfy your hunger, go grab this street food. It is located near Zark’s Burger and 7/11 in Morayta. Usually the store opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm.

Prices : 45php – 55php




by: Alyana Jane Bautista


Coffeeshop and milktea houses are one of the hideouts of millenials nowadays. They often go to these food hubs to study, bond with friends, do their homeworks, researches and many more. But as a student, we usually have a little money. So in this blog we feature coffeeshops and milktea houses in the university belt that have good ambience yet have affordable price. A place that is suitable for students like us.

Beyond Coffee

If you love pasta and coffee this is the perfect place for you. This little hidden jem of P. Paredes St. serves your favorite coffee and pasta at a very affordable price. This place is usually occupied by students studying in the University Belt. The ambiance of this place is very suitable for those people who want to hang out and chill with their friends.

One of their best seller drinks is the Matcha Crumble, a combination of matcha green tea,chocolate chips and crushed cookies topped with whipped cream and generous amount of chocolate sauce and wafer stick on the side that only costs 135 pesos. You get the best quality at a very affordable price.

You should also try their Macho Gwapito, nachos with three different flavors, sour cream,barbeque and plain. They serve it with cheese dip, salsa, jalapeno and ground beef. This is perfect for sharing with your barkada or family.

If you love pasta, you should taste their best selling Truffle Chicken Penne pasta. Of course the star of the Beyond Coffee is their coffee of course.

Credits to:

They offer Espresso Shot Cappucino and Cafe Americano. They are also serving non-coffee based drinks, sandwiches if you’re in a hurry and rice meals with different varieties.

Located at 928 P. Paredes St. Sampaloc Manila

Operation hrs: 12NN-10PM

Coffee Project

Do you want to experience an instagram-worthy place. It will just take few steps away. The newly open coffee shop is waiting for you! Don’t be fooled by the exterior design it may look the same with other but when you enter you will experience the magic of the place. To all the coffee lovers out there who wants to escape from the blues and to feel relax, Coffee Project is the most suitable coffee shop for you. The interior is worthy of your instagram feed.

Coffee Project serves a wide variety of coffee. They also serve your favorite comfort food from pasta to sandwiches and rice meals.


Located at 878 Espana-Vista Residence, Inc., G. Tolentino St. Corner Espanya Blvd. Manila

Visit their facebook page:


Milktea is one of current food crazes in the Philippines. For sure Dakasi’s Milktea will satisfy your cravings and tastebuds. The price of their product is the same with other shops but comparing it with others, it is much worth it. Milktea is creamier than other.


1177 Dapitan St, Sampaloc Manila, 1008 Metro Manila

Opens from Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm



Instagramable Food Hubs in the University Belt

by: Manuel D. Sales Jr.


School life is stressful and tiring. After accomplishing tons of homeworks, outputs and examinations, sometimes you might ask yourself, “Is there any time for relaxation?” or “Where’s my reward after working all of these stuffs at school?”. Sometimes, you might think of a certain place to release all of your stress and to have peace of mind. Perhaps, you might also think of hanging out with friends and classmates to regain happiness after complying all of the necessary requirements at school. Yes, school life is indeed exhausting, however, you also deserve a time to sit, relax and maybe, this is also your favorite thing to do to eat! Food is such a stress reliever because after suffering from hectic schedules and insane school works, you will have the hunger to find time for binging.

Eating scrumptious meals is like a taste of heaven, but what if you are eating in a restaurant that also serves instagramable food presentations and relaxing ambiance? Eating delicious foods inside an aesthetic food hub is above satisfaction. It can easily release all of your problems in school and you may end up capturing every detail of that restaurant and upload it on your social media accounts especially Instagram. If you are a student in or near the University Belt, you are lucky! There are several food hubs inside the U-Belt that are serving mouth-watering dishes and also, Instagram-worthy and visually enticing amenities. These are some of the restaurants that you can visit after your classes. Have fun reading!

The Hashery

Address: 946 P. Paredes St., Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila

Dishes/Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches, Pasta, Seafood, etc.





Coffee Project

Address: 878 Espana-Vista Residences, Inc., G. Tolentino St. corner Espana Blvd., Manila

Dishes/Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches, Pasta, Salads, etc.





Amo Yamie Crib

Address: 2/F Gordi Plaza Bldg., Legarda St., Mendiola, Manila

Dishes/Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Pastries, Desserts, etc.








Food Hubs Selling Affordable Sweets

by: Kristouffer Montevirgen
As a fellow student, I feel very stressed to the number of requirements piling up one after the other. One of the routines to release the mountain of stress is of course to eat, and above else the food that will be suited to eat is sweets. Same sweets we try everyday maybe already delicious as it is, but looking for different affordable food hubs to try is a bit difficult since there are school works that we need to do. Here some of the food hubs you should try as they are affordable and very delicious.

The recommended crowd gathering food hubs selling sweets you can find in University Belt that you would surely leave you satisfied and urge you to come back for more. Food hubs that gave various delicacies that you can pick from and are affordable for people who have low budget but craves for food.
One of the food hubs I found was Amo Yamie Crib which have frappes, coffee and cakes at its menu. Their foodstuffs unique names had make it attention-grabbing and delightful to customers. Here are some of the sweets they sell that would grab you to buy it:
• Oreo and Juliet
• Once Upon Nutella – Drunk Dwarf
• Iced Mocha Cream
• Chocolate Cake
• Oreo Chocolate Flowerpot
All of their sweet foods prices ranges from 65 pesos to 179 pesos which are noteworthy at all for you to visit. It will be worth it as their sweets have punch of deliciousness in it that will awe you as their prices are affordable. You can find this food hub in España Blvd, Sampaloc, Manila as well as their other branches in the other locations.

Captured by: Kristouffer Montevirgen
Captured by: Kristouffer Montevirgen

The second food hub I found is I Love Bubble Waffle that only sells waffles. By hearing waffles maybe, you can think it is too plain just adding sweets in it, but here in this food hub they make a twist in it by adding ice cream that makes a blast in its sweetness. Here is the menu they have:
• Classic Waffle (w/o or w/ ice cream)
• Chocolate Waffle (w/o or w/ ice cream)
• Strawberry Waffle (w/o or w/ ice cream)
• Matcha Waffle (w/o or w/ ice cream)
• Premium (4 flavor w/ ice cream)
The starting price of their waffles is only 45 pesos up to 120 pesos for their Premium. You can spot this food hub in Legarda St., Sampaloc Manila.

Captured by: Kristouffer Montevirgen
Captured by: Kristouffer Montevirgen
Captured by: Kristouffer Montevirgen

Last but not the least food hub I found was Glastonbury Chocolates that sells chocolates which are widely known for the quality and affordability of their goods. The merchandises they sell are confectioneries products that are already well known in the world such as:
• M&M
• Kisses
• Toblerone
• Kitkat
• Snickers
• Hershey’s
There are many more confectionery products I haven’t mention but all of their merchandises prices are all ranging from only 45 pesos up to 360 pesos which are very affordable for people who have sweet tooth. The variety of their chocolates will make you come back for more at their shop on Nicanor St. Sampaloc, Manila.